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The Barista's soya milk of choice

  • Designed to work in expresso machines
  • Does not split with heat and steam
  • Superb smooth texture & flavour
  • In blind test 9/10 prefer this flavour
  • The only fermented soya bean milk in UK
  • Easy to achieve coffee art
  • Popularity going year on year

Now's the time to try!

  1. All natural
  2. Gluten Free
  3. GM Free
  4. No cholesterol
  5. Less than 5% flat
  6. 36% more protein than other soya milks
  7. No artificial additivies or preservativies
  8. No kombu

Bonsoy has natural,unique,full bodied mellow aroma and subtle, mildly sweet flavour thanks to a slow cooking process and use of a whole fermented soya bean.Made from a selected variety of organic soya beans,guaranteeing GM free status ,BONSOY is created by japanese soya masters using traditional recipes perfected over centuries

Bonsoy. The orginal and best.