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Brown Bag Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar 20 x 40g

Code: V86N

Sale Unit: box


Family run company from Surrey, never sold in supermarkets.

This classic British flavour has been much praised by our discerning customers and food critics.

We believe our seasoning has the perfect balance of sea salt and British malt vinegar - is one bag enough?

Winner of one star from Guild of Fine Food 2017.

Gluten free, suitable for vegetarians.

Available in 40g bags, 20 bags per box.

Supplier Notice:

“Due to the tragic events in the Ukraine there is currently a global shortage of sunflower oil. For the foreseeable future Brown Bag Crisps will be cooked in British rapeseed oil. As rapeseed is not an allergen and the bags cannot be reprinted quickly enough, the UK government have approved the printing of “contains rapeseed oil” under the best before date on the back of the pack for a period of 3 months..

The use of rapeseed oil does not change the texture or flavour of the crisps in any way and new bags with the ingredients changed will be rolled out as soon as possible.”

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