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Coldpress Mend & Defend Smoothie 8 x 250ml

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Coldpress’s renaissance was announced with the arrival of Mend & Defend and Survive & Thrive. In the case of Mend & Defend we have an upstanding fruit medley of tasty, health-giving fruit that have chosen to come together under one friendly, hexagonal-shaped roof. This is a fruit-friendly zone where raspberries, beetroot and red grapes have free licence to mingle with apples, strawberries, cherries and bananas.

It would take far too long to mention the nutritional magnificence of each and every ingredient, so let’s instead highlight the notable health benefits of a couple of the less showy backstage ingredients.

Raspberries remain a reliable source of vitamin K, thiamine (B1) and manganese, whilst beetroot is a much-admired ‘super veg’ that continues to pride itself on its folate (B9) fibre, manganese and potassium contributions.


Apple juice clear
Apple puree
Cherry puree
Strawberry puree
Banana puree
Raspberry puree
Red grape juice
Lemon juice
Elderberry juice concentrate
Beetroot juice
Vitamin pack

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